Thursday, 11 July 2013

Playing Games

(The night before being crushed)

After a night-time Bondi Birdshow
Stop to buy a 30 cent cone.
Stand in line 
Notice little blond curls creeping out of
the stranger’s knitted hat in front of us,
Can’t help but smile.
Blond Curls turns around
Eye contact.
He has caught Us


(How We Strangers Meet )

Blond Curls spots B&D again outside the shop.

While he eats away at what he has bought,

B&D ask

Did you get what you want?

Blond Curls
(who B&D now realise is actually German Curls):

Of course.

Blond Curls continues to munch his beef
B&D continue to lick their cones.

(Recall, when you cannot wave to a Known Stranger, talk to them about what is in their hands (See: Art of talking to strangers STEP 2)

Conversation between B&D & German Curls has commenced.
Now, We sit somewhere ‘longside Campbell Parade.


The longest We’ve known someone
Without knowing their names,
where they come from
Or what they do,

Is a month.

German Curls is impressed.

Okay, now I don’t want to know your name.

German Curls is competitive

Art of talking to Strangers:

Playing games
Keeps it fun.

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