Monday, 29 July 2013

Much Better Than Us-Mondays!

Are Much Better Than Us. 


“With one lens
& one body...

It’s nice to simplify it all down...
Back to Basics...
Like how We started...
You just make it work
With whatever You have
& Spend Less time looking in your bag
(for something else).”

-Eugene, The Original Aquabumper

An art gallery dedicated to Bondi sunrises & surf, Aquabumps, located down the street from Us at 151 Curlewis St. is our ideal of home sweet home. 

Unfortunately though B&D are Wonderers,
& our little wondering hands can only afford to carry so much (ie, water, walking sticks & tea). Thus, those not so little canvas masterpieces had to be left behind on our journey.

Thank heavens for mailing lists!

The Art We Left Behind


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