Saturday, 27 July 2013

'Hasta la Proxima,' He says.

(2 days since last letters)

Subject: Stealing


If emails are published works then steal away.
My idea, words, & thoughts are not for me...
they are for those tuned in.

And btw...I also like to listen...and to talk but when asked rather than just to volunteer my thoughts....
the questions create ideas...I like your questions

& what do you mean by "handing in your resignation"?
is our brief digital correspondence at an end?
...for fear of it becoming common?
I hope not
what a shame...and a would be

hasta la proxima

Re:  P.Rone

Subject: Stealing

Oh forgive Us.
We're poor, but still practising
with words & writing.

We should resign from
being a "Time Filler"

...hours are bad.


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