Monday, 8 July 2013

Eviction Day & Early Morning Meetings

Eviction day begins today at 10

‘Til then this is still our Last

First Day of Summer

Thus, B&D begin to Think

@4:30 AM:

This may be 
Our last sunrise.
Wake up.
Bikini Up.

Put Bathing Suit on Bones

Beach it up,

B&D take a swim in Bondi.

Tip from Unwanted James, told after the fact:

“But that’s feeding time for sharks. Everyone knows that. Do you see any other swimmers out before dawn?”

find 'AcuaBumps'.

6:30 Thoughts:

(Luckily, upon looking back) B&D question currents & heavy rains

Hide Away Here.

Reminded: There is no “Us” or “Them”

Half past Seven Sidetracking

Overcast at Lamrock (cafe):
A cuppa tea to-go with complimentary
gummy worm treat at the counter.

Marcelo, 30ish, Brazilian blue eyes,
sitting at the table outside,
Smiles & waves as if We’ve past met.

Have We? Or, no? B would ask.

Unconvinced either way,
We take the seat he pulls out.
Naturally, conversation will commence.

Somewhere in between a second swim with this Stranger & taking our seats...

‘It’s Beautiful here’, the Brazilian is breath-taking-it-all-in.

‘But, You won’t come back.
I’ve seen it before.
People say this is paradise
But once they leave,
they can never return.’

B&D, Think back to 4:30 Thoughts:

This could be our Last Sunrise.

Once We leave, We can never come back.

A Blue-Eyed Brazilian:

‘Okay, I’ll teach you to surf now?
I’ll get my board.’

Quarter to 8 o’clock Thoughts:
(We still have plenty of time to get Evicted)

B&D’s First Board Lesson Begins:
(A Wet Lesson)
Marcelo says one day,
We will be great.


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