Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Earth’s Treasures Are Not for All Men to See

From B&D's Favorite Backseats Collection

Feedback & Follow Up Questions from “Monday’s” Meeting To-Do List:

Do we get excited first then see new things


See new things then get excited?


Ideally the former of the two, but it`s Wonderer`s choice.

We’re not here to tell the Wonderer what to do.

Being excited first however

is the much easier route,

B&D believe.

For example:

What if on today’s outting,

We’re too lazy to try & find ‘the new’.

What if today all We see is ‘the same’.

Maybe then We will not be excited for the remainder of our Wondering Days.

That would not be so wonderful.


The earth’s treasures are not for all men to see,

But rather only for those who seek them.

Feel (it) first, then live (it)

Feel first, then live.

Tomorrow’s Tip:  F* The Past, Please.

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