Monday, 8 July 2013

Art of Talking to Strangers.


There is No 'Us' or 'Them'

One year ago
B&D indulged in

Succumbing now
To new temptations,
B&D present:

The Art of Talking to ‘Them’

(Starting Slowly)

Step 1
(Sharing) Waves with Strangers.

Wave as though you already know the Stranger

Wave as though they are a Known Stranger;

A Neighbor.

Thinking: More likely to receive a response if quite convincing.


Notice that We’re
Not always happy to see said neighbour
Or jump for joy when they show face.
Yet still We wave
To acknowledge
their presence.

That is how We must wave to a Known Stranger.


It may be easier to wave
If We were aware of the purpose
of this stranger’s presence
in our life;
That is,
Their gift.

What is their gift to Us?

Maybe they could wear a sign over their heads reading:

I will be the one to teach you patience
I am your photography professor.

Yes, that be grand
Not to have to guess.
Then We would gladly
Welcome them with a wave.

Maybe until We know
For certain
We could just pretend
Everyone Known Stranger
has a purpose.



The Art of Talking to Strangers:

There is No “Us” or “Them”

If they have a purpose or a presence then perhaps so will We & Our heads are too big & heavy to bare the sign:

I am here for You

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