Saturday, 27 July 2013

Collaborations Continued

We are convinced more than ever these days
That We know nothing.

If that is true, We wonder why We waste so much time thinking

June 11.   16 35 h


stop thinking & you might as well be a stone

the spice of life should be present at every repast

I breath...I live....I think...I live more.

Re: P.Rone
June 14.  9 00h
Subject: Stealing This Present

Repast as the Present
Present as the Repast.

We should have mentioned
We much prefer to listen.

Feels We're
filling in the time here
before We find something more 'important' to do.
We should hand in our resignation before this pattern
becomes a lifestyle.

We'll need every moment.

Publish soon Perrone.

We will likely steal your writings.



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