Monday, 24 June 2013

you're suppose to be MY art drug.

Left working with the Writer to watch the sunrise. Return to Director's former office by 7AM.

Foolishly, We decide against keeping secrets.

This is the Director not going mad:


You're suppose to be MY muse*
& here, I haven't seen a bit of you since you've been here.
Honestly, I knew I should have never taken you to that party.
Now you're spending all your nights with the Writer

(We're not & should probably clarify, but We love watching him jump to conclusions)

Director leaves our room, but hasn't stopped:

I'm not upset you too.
I'm upset with myself.

Seconds later, Director returns with  wooden bracelet which he places on our wrists.

We will all giggle & grin.

Later on the Director suggests We'll need a more mentally engaging partner.


* muse n

an art (evoking) drug.

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