Monday, 3 June 2013

Some Kind of Naughty

B&D were some kind of naughty Saturday night
Bruna visited Diletta & both, (guilty & giggly)
shared a bit too many late night tarts, teas & tales
featuring femmes & fellas that tickle their fancies.

With a bad taste of guilt & regret still lingering ‘longside
B&D deem it the time for a...

(The Recipe)

Perfect for ‘Guilty’ Parties


(Day after a drug party)

B&D, smittened & summoned
Receive their first words from The Writer:

‘Hallo. It seems like only yesterday. Given your imminent departure, a protégée presence will be required tonight”

Late again, on that same evening 
Writer waits once more at Lamrock Cafe.

(B&D stopped to buy each other best friend braccies a block away.)

Seemingly, unbothered he drives & discusses the events of his day:

A little surf, dive and ski, he says.

A lot of water.


Because the day after a drug party 

you should rehydrate-
do some good for the body.

Lesson One as Protégée:  

If We're going to be bad
let's at least be balanced.


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