Thursday, 6 June 2013

Problem With Professional Tourism

Problem With Professional Tourism

Why Go When We Can just Be?

B&D never just want to go Someplace.
We always want to be the Someplacians.

Is there a difference between going & being?

Going, requires a Holiday VISA.
Being requires a permanent residency.

Going means, We'll get weird looks from the locals.
Being means, We'll be assisting the lost tourists.

Going implies, We'll one day return.
Being insinuates, We never look back.

Going gets us wondering, "What else is out there to see?"
Being begs us to question, "Are you seeing all of this?"

Going is short for, 'Get us out of here, so We can go there.'
Being stands for, 'We're content right where We are.'

Going is, sometime in the future.
Being refers to, the time is now.

Do We really need to go in order to become?


How far must We go?

(what's the minimum?)

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Anonymous said...

- by Clara R.
As incoherent as they sound
Lingual differences abound
Leaving one helplessly lost
As Language interpreters cost!

Hi B&D,
You find yourself in the path of Coelho's "Alchemist" over and over again. Despite our travels, what one seeks is what emanates from within! Happy soul search!

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