Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Open Space Concepts & Tiny Feasts

A B&D Living Section:

On Leaving Room for Extra Sweets & Strangers

B&D, Why are your feasts so tiny?

1.  Tiny's Big now.
2.  Love leaving room for possible dessert. 

Arts Workshop Again.

Sunny Morning Day 1:

A cuppa before class begins...
That is not our Table.

B&D, sitting by ourselves in back by the bubbly.

(We’re smidgen shy.)

Oh Shoot!  We’ve forgotten our waters.

B&D Off to the fountain.


Amongst arrival back in class, a new stranger has already swiped our seats. We steal the two beside.

This is how B&D meet Pascal
(by practically pulling out his chair)

This is B&D
leaving space for extra sweets & strangers.


Anonymous said...

In Pascal's words, you are throwing "cooler colors" on earlier characters!

Careful about leaving space for dessert...we were invited by a couple in Kent who served cream cake but my husband declined saying he would have it later for dessert. Too bad he missed out...there was no dinner nor "possible dessert".
Clara R.

Bruna Diletta said...

Oh my.

Clara your use of quotes is quite exciting.

Love reading your column.

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