Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Alternatives to Dating

(A new B&D series)

Part I: "Professional" Relationships

On a sunny, bike-able day
B&D begin work with the Writer.
(Protegee-ing Day 1)

Meet at Library
(BC it's best to keep Professional Relationships
in Public Spaces)

"The Pay"

The Writer

It starts at $20/page...
oh, but it can be negotiated.

Is that ok?


Yes. Let's start there
Then see how well We do.

"Past Experience"


& May I ask
How old you are?


Why, is there an age requirement?

Writer, nervously

Oh no, no. Nothing like that.

"Job Description"


We will be working together professionally.


Great. We've needed a protegee
for quite some time.

Writer,(with other intentions)

Yes...We will need to work very close together.
Sharing writings with another
is a very vulnerable process.


May I ask,
do you have a boyfriend?

B&D (without even a smile)

We don't know what you mean by that professionally.

Writer, chuckles.

"Miscellaneous Details"


Well thank you very much for this opportunity
But We must be going now...
Lots of our professional work to catch up on.


Right, right,
Of course.
One more thing...
& What is your name?


Why, you didn't
needed it so far?

Writer smiles & walks us to our bikes. 

Tip for "Professional" Relationships:

Keep all Conversation
Work Related

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