Friday, 31 May 2013

What the Funk? Friday

There are but a few Men, B&D don't mind working under. This Industry's Engineer is one of them. Listen to his...

New Management Mindset
American Singers:

“Less Work,
More Production,”

The Industry’s Engineer explains,

At first,

We produce hundreds of the same singers.
Much time of devotion though
is needed to produce hundreds of the same singers:
Early morning feedings, cleanings, & late night sound checks.
No time to think.
In the end though, everyone has heard all the same soft songs,
& those singers sell for nothing on the streets.
All that time spent on such a small payout
is not a smart business.


Some say, the only way singers are worth much more,
is if they compete, place best, & increase their status quo.
Then they are distinguished from the rest. Then they are of high value.

When We talk to most people though, all they really want are good singers.

 If We breed less of the same hundreds of singers, We’ll have more time to take care of the few good singers that everyone wants to hear and in the end are worth much more.

Less work, More Production.

This Week’s Business Management Lesson courtesy of a Professional Bird Breeder
(an underground business in the burbs, B&D will be keeping on eye on this season.)

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