Friday, 10 May 2013

What the Funk? Friday

"Until We can work as an architect
We're designing shop windows.
It distracts us from our other thoughts.
We think of windows as lost spaces.
They're neither inside nor outside.
An abstract & magic space.
They reflect a part of us.
At the same time the anonymity is calming.
Maybe it is stupid, but We think
If someone stops to look,
they're somehow interested in us"

-Marianna in Medianeras

a What the Funk? Friday- film synopsis

A real-life game of Where's Waldo within the hidden beauty of Buenos Airs proves yet again, what we're searching for is usually under our noses.

A dark & cheerie romcom, 
that at certain points
made us smile. 


Anonymous said...

The soul search (ref.comment verse on 7/May post)continues knowing that it is a vicious cycle and the better half in life is at your doorstep and not in the next door apartment. Ha ha..loved the "His and Her" love thy neighbour picture!
Clara R.

Bruna Diletta said...

Clara's Coloumn is Needed.

Your contributions drive us.

Thank-you for coming!

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