Monday, 6 May 2013

Mango Monday Motivations

Snuggled between Susan & The Director come Saturday evening.
Late night editing & filming can be a delight,
but Susan thinks we need a midnight treat.
Apparently, she's a talent with both brush & blade.

Susan & the Art of Mango Massacres


Where did you find these mangoes?


We were wondering the village this morning & some of the visitors were having a calypso tasting.


Must be fascinating to wonder the world as a professional tourist.
What a perspective you must have.
The Director (Still, a bit bothered by our past  behaviours)

Well, they've had a lot of practise.
They were probably tourists in their own town.
Interested in everything, that's why they're so interesting.
Never bored and therefore never boring.
That's how they do it Susan.

That's how We do it.

We, didn't come here for holiday.

professional tourist  n.

one who works at seeing it as if it's the first time. 

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