Friday, 17 May 2013

The 9 to 5 Creative Mind

Truth be told
B&D bore a bit too easily
& rarely like to repeat the same day twice.
Thus, when We were invited back to Day 2 of the Arts Workshop
We were a little hesitant to bike down the same path
then sit in the same drab desk table for the second day in a row
(even if Pascal would be our Parisian partner in creative crime).
Before We could make up our mind the our Art Leader chimed in...

Mr. Arts Leader

A creative mind can learn something new from something old.
If you can learn the new from the old,
then the activity, person & work has value.
One must always be learning, even if the same lesson is presented twice.

Let's write this down.
May be of use to Us when our mid-life crisis kicks in
& the 9 to 5 gridlock routine reasons out
our childlike sense of whimsy and wonder.

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