Friday, 24 May 2013

Second Place At The 'I Spy' Competition

We Spy With Our Little Eye

Something That Is An Art...

...Making Rockin' Beach Bodies.

We've always dreamt about being professional sand castle makers & yoga instructors
But finding a beach sculptor saluting the sun is a considerably close second.

(Hooray! For Second Place Success)

B&D chat with a Rockin' Beach Artist:

Rockin Beach Artist

I make one a day
A brand new face
Each one different from the last


It's good.

Rockin Beach Artist

I keep an image of each of them, actually.


Really? For what reason?

Rockin Beach Artist

They're Here Today
Gone Tomorrow


Yeah but that's just like everything man made.
It's good.


Ramsey Hamam said...

I spotted the woman in the top right corner with her legs wide open!

Bruna Diletta said...

Thank you for visiting Ramsey.
We'll work on being less obvious for next time.


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