Monday, 27 May 2013

Morrison Monday Give A Way!

'Our greatest mistakes in life have always been our haircuts'--

That & when Diletta accidentally deleted (but did not save)
a month's worth of stories & piccies from our PC.

It's hard to Let Go.

But Diletta's a Darling, so how can We possibly still be upset?

FACT-ISH from Frank: 

Maybe, We'll make this art one day.

James Morrison always leaves his poetry books & journals
everywhere & anywhere on account that they are old ideas he no longer needs1

Wouldn't that be your lucky day?
Finding new writings after losing old scribbles.



Email B&D if this journal will do.
You can have our copy.

(Few years back we bartered for, An Hour for Magic, with Park Peoples,
 so keep in mind the copy above is in Park Peoples condition.)


Anonymous said...


Sheaves of scribbling
Wisps of hair
Snippets of cuttings
Upon the barber's chair

Unsaved notes and camera pictures
Vanish into dusty memory fixtures
But the writer's pen will flourish
With wisdom her fans will cherish!
- by Clara R.

Bruna Diletta said...

Ms. Clara R,

We'd like to pre-order a copy of your up & coming book. We hear it's a fun filled doozie with sophisticated grooks & rhymes, that make us feel inferior about our own banal banter.

: )

On second thought, We'd like to pre-order two copies instead. Just in case We forget how to share.


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