Tuesday, 21 May 2013

If Everyday Were Christmas...

...it would never be Christmas at all.

This was the last night in Rome before Pascaling in old 'Paree'

Ayari was a Tunisian born Roman
& a Piazza Navona poet slash bracelet maker
who had our hearts within 30 hours.

A new record, Bruna&Diletta reckon.

Alas, like all nice Romans
Ayari was obsessed with sex,
poetry & for some reason
his Military.

Shortly afterward leaving our European state of mind, B&D received an invite from a real life Roman soldier & jumped at the chance to uncover this military phenomenon...

Soldier R

Want to have an adventure with me tomorrow?


How about right now?

(B&D aren't ones for wasting time and so our usual questioning quickly begins)


What is the best part about being you?

Soldier R

I like to maximize my Roman time.
I live my days with as much Roman time as possible.

(Best answer B&D have ever heard to date. We always wish We could maximize our B&D time here too.)


Okay, now why did you want to join the military?

Soldier R

Because, when I'm out there
cold & suffering,
I appreciate being in here
warm & satisfied.

Smart, but We really don't want to live in Alaska just to appreciate the beach. Let's just be thankful now and be done with it. Nonetheless, B&D will always have a place in our heart for Roman Soldiers & Roman Soldier Wannabees.

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