Monday, 13 May 2013

Brekkie with a Frenchie

Day 1
Evening after



Day 2 of 2

Breakfast before class.
Summer-like, sunny.

The Art Leader stands at our table. 
Pascal doesn't look pleased
to have extra company.

"Did you ride your bike here?" 
Pascal politely asks the Leader.

"Did I ride my bike?"

"Oui. I rode my bike. She, (pointing to us) rode her bike."

"No. I fly in from London to lead these things."


"You look very 'coool' today," Pascal surprises. Leader looks a little flattered.

"Even 'cooooler' than yesterday."

(In a pink dress shirt & deep navy smart people pants, the Leader does look very cool.Pascal has a point.)

The Art Leader is about to crack a smile, but our friend continues. "From yesterday?...Your lesson on cool colours on the colour wheel" Pascal explains & our Leader's ego pinched.

Finally our Leader replies with a pleasant remark and excuses himself from our table.

"He is a pathetic captain" - is a phrase Pascal might never say out loud.

"We'll never learn 
what We need to
from him 
or any other leader,"
he preaches and then pauses.
"Please, tomorrow, bring me your 

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