Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Contradictory Colours

Day 1 of 2 of an Art Workshop

(We've known Pascal for a total of 15 minutes)

"Why did We have to go so far, just to get back to where We started?" We want to ask Pascal, but class has commenced.

(Lucky for Us, Pascal isn't much into paying attention)

Art Leader (addressing the class)

Man isn't a solid colour. We have warm tones & cool tones.
The eye tends to be drawn to the warmth in people & paintings.
Man- made items are usually solid colours.

Pascal (whispering to Us)

I use to teach in Nigeria.
Misbehaved students were publicly beaten
each morning by the principal.

Pascal tells us later that he could never bring himself to be the beater.

Art Leader

... & then there are the complementary colours.
Complementary colours (ex. green & red) appear opposite
to one another on the colour wheel, yet they actually work well when used together.

Photo From colorlovers.com

they create peace and harmony in the work.

Pascal ('doesn't give a shoot' & continues to whisper)

The culture in Nigeria is 50 years behind.
Do you travel?

B&D giggling at such a question


It is good to travel, see other cultures.
It frees you from the influence of family, religion, or where you come from...
It lets you get back to you.
Who you are, inside.


Agreed. But, why must We go so far out, just to get back in?


Anonymous said...

B&D, your photographic imagery is so colourfully beautiful. Your final comment points out to the vicious cycle all over again so aptly depicted by "les crayons." The soul is in the center!

Clara R.

Bruna Diletta said...

Clara R, you take the words out of our mouth & transform them into the poetry We could never produce.
'Les crayons" from our friends at colorlovers.com
You may enjoy it too!

Thank you, for finding us!


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