Thursday, 16 May 2013

Black Eyes To Come! (a celebration of sorts)

Parisian Postcards

An- After Day 1 of the Arts Workshop- Little Lesson:
(Inspired by a Bike Ride Home)

After surviving the second SUV vs Supercycle crash of the season, it may be time to think about being thankful.

With that in mind, today B&D salute our
Favourite Bikes, Bruises & Black Eyes*:
(a collection/project still in progress)

Peaceful rides on island ferries.

Could it be?

Please parking lot pounders ...

Let's Just Kiss & Make-Up

Black Eyes to Come!
(We get Beat Up Pretty Regularly)

Immediately Proceeding Arts Workshop Day 1:

Parking Lot & a Perfect Day (Pre-Crash). Pascal's car is parked in front of our wheels.
Too convenient.

"You rode your bikes here today?" Pascal looks surprised.

In his car he goes.

* Bruises are B*tchin'. B&D want to see your best. Please share your favourite bikes, bruises & black eye snap shots. Join the community of Bruised Egos!

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