Friday, 12 April 2013

What the Funk? Fridays

Film storylines no longer solely reserved for the likings of pretty women:

spiritual quests, finding one's self,
indian ashraming, 
in-forest fasting, 
yogi retreats, the search for God,
going with the flow,
all that hippie trippie
mumbo jumbo
We can't get enough of

Everyone was cool at first with watching Julia Roberts, learn to meditate in paradise while discovering her search for God begins within herself as herself in Eat, Pray, Love.However, as writer & director Ross Brupbacher & Zack Godshall depict, if God dwells in Julia as Julia, then he must also be in him...

as Lord Byron.

This, We are uncomfortable with.

We want our God to be pretty...
& not so real. 
Not a reflection of our self.

Lord Byron, chronicles the lonely days of modern day, midlife multi-woman lover & grass smoking loafer,  as he is torn to leave his everyday existence in search of deeper spirituality (loosely based on recommendations of an Evangelist preacher on the teli).

Something funny might always be happening,
but couldn't always bring our self to giggle.
We watched the first 34 minutes.

We hope the dancing daughter, actress Gwendolyn Spradling, 
is headed to high places,
based on her sincere performances.

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