Tuesday, 9 April 2013

We're Not Suppose to Like JMM.

-He, living with Kiwis in NZ-Land.
We, periodically taking up space in OZ-Land.

-Family members, brutally tortured & bruised
by four year programs
developed by the ENGSCISociety
inside the walls of UofT.
JMM was a former UofT professor
We, should despise simply out of family honour.

Realistically though,
how can Bruna&Diletta hate & hold hostage a writer
when they start self-introductions with sanskrit descriptions...


When I was a professor, I came across a word in a course that stopped me dead in my tracks.
ASHRAYAPARAVRTTI -a sudden moment of life-changing insight.
Paravrtti is like a somersault, and ashraya is one's home base (maybe, their centre?) so it means letting go of everything you have always believed or understood for a leap into the unknown.


Our next adventure, Professor?


The Christian equivalent is known as the Road to Damascus experience in which Saul (later St. Paul) underwent a conversion on his way to Damascus to slaughter Christians & instead became, one.

We'd like to experience the adventure of leaping into the unknown.
Letting go of everything We know,
everything We've seen
starting with ourselves.

That requires too much love &We're just not there yet.

(As previously stated,
We're not suppose to like JMM.    
If We let go of our selves, He'd be one of the ones that remain.)


Fiction, loosely based on :  'The Face on Your Plate: The Truth about Food'

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