Friday, 5 April 2013

Worst Man We May Know.

The Director tried to warn us about spending time with The Writer...

'He just sleeps with models & actresses, then says it would be unprofessional to work with them now.'

Luckily, We're not into sleeping with writers.

We just think He’d be a good character, plus our time here is still running out.

20h 15  Lamrock Cafe.

The Writer said to arrive no later than half past seven.


Thinking We’d shared a cuppa or two, then discuss his Murderphilia & other on-going writing projects for Cannes,
instead, We were taken.

The Writer (after brief and vague cellie convo)

All in all, if I don’t go to jail for what just happened...everything should be fine.

So have you met anyone new here,
am I still the worst person you know?

(Out of all the people We had known, if He had to be the worst, then We couldn’t help but be grateful.
Turns out,
We know heaps of good people).

Parking by the bottleshop
in the Nourishing Quarter (Surry Hills),
for quintessential
quinoa congee soup,
The Producer turns to us again,


So, should we buy a bottle of wine for dinner?


I’m confident with or without,
so it’s really up to you.

We laugh sincerely.

Inside N. Quarter:

Hostess directs us to the Writer’s regular table.
He does this rather regularly.
We are NewTimers.


What’s the best part about being you?

Writer (blah, blah, blahing)

Best school in Sydney......
Wrote first play, few years back...
 Trekking trips in Nepal....
I've had expereinces most people will never have.



How bored are you right now?

Writer (with a little laugh)

You’ve asked me two questions, I’ve never been asked before.
I’m not bored with you.


O, no. This isn’t about us. 
We’re mildly entertained because We’ve never been here before,
this shop is cute & quaint with a painting of the queen,
but you,
you’re a regular talking about yourself & We were just wondering.


(smiling & looking charming)

Ohhh. You're not getting enough attention.
OK, here let me show interest in you.

Think of strawberry field & the fence barrier.
Describe the field.
What do the strawberries look like?
How tall is the fence?
How far away is this field?

(B&D suggests the reader answers before continuing on)


The strawberries were more of a bush, We could barely see them.
The fence is made of old wooden logs, less than hip height... easy to hop over if need be.
The field...field is in the distance. Not really worth running to.


Hmm, interesting. Well, the strawberries represent your goals & possible sexuality. The fence represents is how difficult you think it is to attain them.

Imagine D&D dismissed the worst man We knew as a misfit. 
We may have missed the opportunity to learn a lesson
that maybe he was meant to teach us.

B&D just wish there were easier ways
to learn such lessons.
a Lesson Learnt from The Writer:  

sometimes, but not always,
be open to congee with murderphilic misfits.

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