Wednesday, 3 April 2013

King of Nothing & a Couple Extra Cookies

a Curious Case:

Bruna&Diletta meet with The Director
for the first time.

Standing around the Coles Supermarket notice board, the eccentric caught us scooping out free meditation classes in Paddington & struck up a convo.

Chatted, charmed & giggled with Man,
over the course of five minutes.
Exchanged mobile numbers with expectations to never see Him again.

A few rainy days & lost mobiles later,
We return to Coles needlessly
strolling through aisles
We have no reason for being here.

(A commonly occurring thought,
We've noticed.)

Before venturing back to the village:
Stop again at Notice Board for any new messages.

The Director arrives seconds later.


Oh good. Here we go, you got my message.


Which message? We've misplaced our phones.


What are you doing here then?


We, hadn't put much thought into it.


I texted to meet here. Come, We're gonna bake cookies with a couple from Byron Bay.

a little tip learnt from The Director:

Important missed messages always find a way of resurfacing


'There shouldn't be any sound in your background
while you are recording.'

Peace & Quiet.
quite powerful.

For other Tiny Tips on script writing
& a sneak peak at the making of Film
& characters
see below...

(Beware Conservative Claras,
& please skip the footage)


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