Monday, 15 April 2013

Nothing's Too Good

Last time Bruna&Diletta worked in sales:

A neighbour's mother,
asked us to be secret shoppers at her garage sale.
Paid in Peek Freans & shortbreads
We were to walk around & whisper...

Oh, Now that's a bargain

over the shoulders of skeptical shoppers,
as they decided whether
to save or splurge
on used pieces of crockery.

It was there where We first considered,
We’ve ever collected or cherished
could one day be easily shelved a knick-knack
in the Second Hand Thrift Shop up the street...

Nothing's Too Good To Be a Knick Knack.

From Spiritual Statues to...

...Grammie’s Good China, Reserved for Special Company...

Everything We had paid for, wanted, held on to, or reserved for future generations
(proof of our work, time & space here),
wasn’t worth more than a couple of shillings.
Wow, now that’s a bargain.

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