Thursday, 18 April 2013

Moody Mel Blues

Beginning with Winter Melbourning
Winter Melbourning
may be miserable
& most likely
for the following two reasons:

Unused Umbrellas in Sporadic Rainshowers

& Scary Skulls in the not-so-silent Side Streets.

To sum,
(Happiness is only real when it is shared*)
The city & citizens are cold and cloudy.

We required rainbows & an Alaskan realtor (below) to change our minds on this matter.

This was Week 5

Thinking it was due time for the escape
Bruna&Diletta fled the city
in search of a new homebase...

Hiked then hopped a bus
Up North
with the lyric
“We don’t really want to be here”
replaying in our heads.
An Alaskan Realtor took the seat beside us
as if the track was playing a tad too loud.

Chit Chat Chit Chat
She started the convo
We swear.
She doesn't know
We're use to only 
silence with strangers.
B&D (Midway of Discussion)

We’re thinking of relocating
We don’t want to be here anymore.

An Alaskan Realtor

Well with me,
I’d start singing
“Maybe, I really want to be here.
Yeah, Maybe I love being here.”

I like playing that game.


But then We’d be lying to ourselves.

An Alaskan Realtor

Maybe you’re lying to yourselves now

We probably should have taken said advice.
Rather, We jumped ship
& escaped to
Sydney Springing

*From Into The Wild.
Film by Sean Penn


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