Monday, 29 April 2013

Month End Meetings, Thank You for Coming.

Month End Meetings

It is difficult to know what to wish for now.
In the past, it was to work from home.

Waking up before the sun had to, seemed silly.
Getting caught in rainstorms was really ridiculous.
& the daily travel time commute was a bit too tedious.

At the last B&D Union Meeting, We therefore, inquired.

“We only let those who are not able to travel, work from home,”
Mr. Big Important Person answered.

Well look now
how lucky are We?
Imagine if We’d continued on our path
& were set in our ways.
We would have been all the while
wishing ourselves the inability to travel
& who knows where that would lead?

Now, here are We.
Heading a Bruna&Diletta Month End Meeting,
Ready to assign new tasks to all, but everyone looks pretty tiffed to have to do things.
(People usually get tantrummy when things need to be done.)

In light of that + recent Alaskan inspirations
We decide rather to focus on the team’s

Accomplishments & Other Bits & Bobs of appreciation:

1. Perthian Yoga Instructor’s first long-distance lesson Hailed a Success.

2. Finding kimbo shelter during a Manly rainstorm

3. A new wintertime season means less sunlight. Less sunlight means more sleep before catching sunrise.

(First & last Surfer of the day, in a far away distance).

Thanks Again for Coming.



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