Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Second Faced World

Susan L'Estrange was a South African artist slash painter slash photographer, Bruna&Diletta onced posed for, in her maybe soon to be published text, on the history of make-up.

This is for the 90s.

Having never worn mascara, Susan gave us a second face to view the world.

At the time We, regarded our own future artistic endeavours with a "So-What" kind of attitude & shared them with the active artist.


Susan, sometimes We're so inspired to write our script, paint a picture, bake a cake or make a bracelet, but then We think 'what for?' What will We do with it once it's done? Then We get discouraged.


Yes, I use to think like that when I was your age, but you see though, you mustn't think like that.  It doesn't matter what you do with it. You do it, then you have something done. Maybe you'll use it tomorrow, maybe years from now, that doesn't matter. You'll have something done. A script may lead to a novel, or a painting may lead to exhibit. You just never know but you learn more from the process, than the final product.

Good To Know.
It doesn't matter if We reach our goals
At the very least, they give us something to do here

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