Saturday, 30 March 2013

Well Missed in March

Due to busy debating
which direction to turn next,
here are the stops & sightings,
We may have missed during March:

  • Pure Mathies rejoiced on a date dedicated to everybody’s favourite irrational number:  π.   PieDay! Yes that’s correct 3.141592654....has its very own day of devotion, March 14th! (or 3/14 for short). From what We can tell no major pie eating parties took place, as groups of Arithmetic Addicts gathered to count down at 1:59AM in the park (what were We expecting from a bunch of math junkies). Fingers crossed for the future though.

  • Ever wonder what makes Australia so much cooler than the rest of civilization? (With their new immigration policies, they’re like those pretty girls in the schoolyard, standing around in a circle, hair braiding & secret telling, as if to say, “Don’t even bother trying to join our jump rope jollies. We have a waiting list”). Well, with an entire month devoted to male facial hair (a.k.a Movember), those Ozzie buggers have done it again. Their nifty new non -denominational holiday made its debut on march 22nd: Vintage Tee Day (sponsored Salvos) ...Sustainable b*itches.

  • Urban Yoga + Free Vegetarian Feasts: On the outskirts of Albert Park in Melbourne, you may have heard the sweet chanting melodies of spiritual yogis & hip youngins, Hare-ing Krishna & Hare-ing Rama for hours on end. This place is the place to be on Sundays. Sing –a-longs, a shoeless attire dress codes, + sitting on the floor eating the best Indian gee in town, has fun written all over it.

Fortunately,  the east has come crashing head first with the west as these chanting Kirtans (or devotional practises of yoga) have made their way to a little Moksha Yoga Studio in Thornhill just north of Toronto. The first Kirtan for this studio took place last Saturday, March 23rd, and We heard the vibes were sensational.

  • Favourite March Horoscope:
We love star gazing & horoscope reading. Here was our favourite from the Metropolis this month:

Leo: Whatever you say and whatever you do over the next 24 hours you must act on the assumption that you are being watched by people in positions of power.
People of Power!
Who could they be?
Our Editors? Trainers? God perhaps?
Can We get a choice in this matter?

Let’s just slow down here.
We shouldn’t be Saturday stressin’ like this...
How about We catch a March film instead?

The Synopsis:

A father’s prophecy, that a great & powerful man from above would be sent down to save his people in the land of green, from the wickedness of fear and greed, is finally fulfilled. Their savour, a con-artist, was exactly what the Thinkers, Farmers & small ones needed: a sense of faith and a higher power to believe in.

(The visuals were great, but this story’s been done & our mums may have fallen asleep through a few scenes. )

The March Message, Mum may have missed:

We choose the people in our lives who We believe have power,
Ie. parental units, politicians, psychics, or pastors.
We hand it over to them in fear or faith.

Sorry We missed you, March. 

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