Friday, 29 March 2013

Today is That Friday

Today, We think of torture.  
This is heavy.
As We’ve said before, Bruna&Diletta live in constant fear.

Often, We mentally try & prepare ourselves for those moments of pain & wonder how will We be able to cope when our time comes. What mental game will We be able to play, to help us escape the tortuous reality of it all? Counting to ten in our head probably won’t do it & tears We’re told rarely do the trick. Captured military men have suggested they survived by remembering they are the witness instead of the seized. Recalling that they are not their body, they are that force inside themselves that witnesses the unfortunate circumstances as they unfold. Our yogis tell us to lead with our heart in moments of pain and remember to breathe (maybe that’ll work...but it seems to be their answer for every position). It is a definite solution for hot wasabi intakes (remembering to breathe instantly relieves the heat) but on the torture scale from 1-10 wasabi is probably only a negative five. What can We do to get out of our heads in times of great pain? What if instead We focused all our attention on our torturer & tried not to escape?  

Thankfully, We’re not experts on this topic.
Today We remember torture & We try hard not to forget.

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