Thursday, 21 March 2013

Principle of Uncertainty IV

Uncertainty Principle IV

Once every few years, Perrone,
(playboy, physicist, philosopher, amateur photographer...),
walks in to work & shares with us
photos of his Venus.

We love solar slash lunar eclipses.

Afterwards which, We naturally shift, into appropriate staffroom etiquette:

reading & cross-wording.

One morning though
Perrone turned to us to ask,

What is the meaning of life?

No more small talk & a big talk topic before a 9AM cuppa has us swooning.

But Let's just clarify to be sure...

Meaning? As in definition?

P nods


Life is whatever you can live with, Perrone.

The people We share space with,
(our Space Sharers),
once took it upon themselves to sand, prime & paint the living room walls;
a 1-2 day-thing to do.

One of the four walls when finished,
they found unpleasing
& come the next sunrise, they started again.

Two pints of paint, three mild migraines, four recoats & five days pass.
They didn't give up, but rather came to a point of


A wall they could live with,
Only slightly better than to start.

simple pain  > ("more than")  pleasure
uncertainty principle.

If pained > than pleased with life, We act & maybe re-act again & again!
Spending our time adjusting accordingly.
If our pleasures > our pain, (or our laziness lingers) then We will carry on living.

Life is what We put up with.

PS Thanks, for painting that wall.


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