Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Principle of Uncertainty II

Principle of Uncertainty II:
Everything is constantly changing, but that will remain the same.

Fridtjofian Faith would tell us to continue regardless.
Fridtjof, was a man who never stopped & always wanted to go deeper.

We just wanted to keep up.

On ship, We would spew up sea sickness in someone else’s wetsuit, while He was practising head stands on the top deck. Amongst our arrival back to shore, a few members of the crew would buy us rounds of Bundenbergs & take us out dancing. At 3AM on this particular evening, Fridtjof finally needed some water, but We could tell he would quickly grow tired of standing at this bar, so We went in...

You must have killer ants in your pants. You never like to sit still.


No....Well, yes that’s true. It is because the more I do, the more in control I feel.

Bike races through the U.S, marathons in Berlin & speedflying in Melbourne. Now, it all made sense. The more He did, the more alive He felt. Not a moment passed him by, because He actively participated in all of them. Life was an adventure.
If everything in life is constantly changing though, why do We have to seek adventure? Why do We search so far to see something new? What is prohibiting Us from fine tuning that skill in a place We’ve seen many a times before?
Everyday should be an adventure, but why does that adventure have to be limited to any other place but here?

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