Monday, 18 March 2013

Principle I: Even Bondi Can Be Boring

We can’t commit to anything now-a-days, not even our pet peeves.
Our Part-Time Pet Peeve of the Moment:

Where are We going? What are We doing? & all those other impossible to answer questions our mums ask us to consider during our early morning Earl Greys.  Simply put, We can’t be sure for certain. However, We reckon the pages on Kalman’s perspectives on the ‘The Principles of Uncertainty’ (below) are a good place to start.

Principle of Uncertainty I:
Even Bondi Can Be Boring.
Often, We travel to lands of sun & seashells, only to arrive in the eye of a storm (We love how rain has the ability to halt some of society). Our time here however is of the essence & We can’t just let it pass us by today1.
Out We go...overcast skies & all. Suddenly, We begin to notice:

We’ve been down this Bondi Road before.

We’ve seen this punch buggie...

...assisted that blonde bearded boarder...
...& have been caught in those currents...

...on more than a few occasions.

Bottom line: A beach is a beach, is a beach, & now We’re a bit bored.

Perhaps, it’s our creative speccies that need a squeakie cleaning.
Perhaps, it’s only our conscious choice to start to see this life differently.

Principle II for Tomorrow: Everything is constantly changing, but that will remain the same.

1 If it rains, enjoy it. You won’t get anywhere in life if you only travel on sunny days.

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