Friday, 15 March 2013

French Fugitive Hairstyles With an Englishman

Rendez-vousing with an UnWanted James, over a two night span & 1/2 a box of wine can be an experience if you just let it.

Initially We met in the Director's kitchen & fittingly would be finishing the friendship in the same locale. James, was soon fleeing to the forest. Thought He'd take to roaming around with no abode, no possessions, & no One chasing his tail. 

"If a prisoner escapes, is he really free?" We wanted to ask.

Delighted, James continued with his jabber instead.

"I don't even need to wash my hair anymore. It took a few months to get it like this, but eventually the scalp's natural oils starts to cleanse itself. Rub in some coconut oil or what have you & done."

"It probably takes a few more months for girls though, because of the longer lengths"

How sad are We?

We want to be shampoo free as well.


Hair Styles Free of Needing a Washing

Step 1

Begin in the Back.
Divide the Hair in 2.

Step II:

Divide 1 of the 2 parts into 1/2 again.

Step III:

With the 1/2 just created, divide in three strands
& begin to braid...

Strand 1 , Stand 2 & Stand 3.

Step IV:

French Braid
Add in small strands of the hair


Only add to the strand of hair,
Closest to your shoulder.


Continue incorporating strands around the diameter of the head.


Finish the Braid.

Step VII:

Tuck, Bobby Bin & Check for Lose Fly Aways

Simple Forest Fugitive Hair Styles.

Proper Lighting Not Even Necessary.

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