Wednesday, 27 March 2013

...Like Leaving a Hospital Thinking Pale's the New Bronze

One year back, Bruna&Diletta were regularly rolling with the boys from the Canadian Special Forces, discussing what else but fashion.

‘Twas an unusually mild March morning, when the strapping soldier spotted a civilian in a military green cargo coat. 

“O, sure,” He crudely comments.  “Look, there goes one of our own out on duty.”

“You know, there once was a time when people would walk themselves to the Army Surplus & buy used military uniforms. Now it’s just a mass produced fad.”

Seemingly the soldier was offended by the fashion trend which shaped his identity- an identity He worked so hard to earn. Aware We are not our clothes, Bruna&Diletta try & appeal to his comedic side. “Oh but look, I’m sure that bloke in the Letterman jacket isn’t really a Little Leaguer & that fella with the ripped jeans, dirty facial scruff and coffee cup  isn’t really poor.”

Wait a minute...

Brie & Bowser (canine) caught a caravan from Quebec to Toronto & are two bucks short of saving the world. Sporting military boots from Kensington Market (the army surplus haven) & a vintage tee from vintage times

The cheeky commodification of poverty has tricked us again.

Call it what you will. Neo-Grunge alla Marc Jacobs, Trash Can Chic compliments of the Olsen Twins, poverty inspired fashion is not a new trend but We wonder if Brie (above) is ever bothered when he spots White Collar Civilians with intentional holes in their sweaters & stockings. 

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