Thursday, 14 March 2013

Faking Fashions

Boyfriend Jeans & Friendship Bracelets

We are just faking it.

Did We just wake up this morning in our beau’s bed, only to succumb to the realization that through whatever shenanigans We stirred up last night, We’ve now misplaced our pants & are forced to slip into his  (with fingers crossed that no one can tell, but if they do We’ll just call it the new cut of female denim) ?

-We, wish.*

Instead, We had to resort to Mother’s Closet, this morning, 
where clothing options were limited to...

a Mum’s Mohair Jumper

& a Dad's Denim Jacket... 
...useful for when We're afraid to get our own coats dirty.

They may not be new, & they definitely smell of White Shoulders perfume & aftershave, but they’re not so unsightly that We must be ashamed.

Freedom is, knowing your stuff may stink (& not be your first choice), but they’re not so bad.

Faking right along, far from our days are We, of crafting bracelets for our childhood chums, as a sign that our friendship will last forever, or at least as long as the threads pull through.  Since then, We’ve grown up, only to receive plenty of charms from past loves & collecting a few for ourselves while cross-country cruising...but it’s simply not the same. Therefore, now is the perfect time for a give-away.
A Bruna&Diletta first: A Friendship Bracelet For Strangers give-away/exchange.

We'd like to give away our Made With Love & Hands, 
(ours to be exact),
silver plated chain bracelet with semi-precious stone hearts.
We have two to share (one in dirty snow white (above) and gunmetal grey (below)).
Friends of B&D, give us a shout to exchange a braccie or to just receive a new one.

Freedom is letting go of our things & the ability to share them with strangers.
(Wear it or Share It)



*We, do not actually wish.

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