Tuesday, 19 February 2013

King of Nothing Gave Us a Room

King of Nothing, gave us a room in his villa when we were homeless in the village.

A mattress laissez fairely positioned on the floor for naps & slumber...

Art by local artists and the in-house painter, Susan L'Estrange hanging on the walls.

‘Abstracting Hash’-Photo Assumingly Shot by K.O.N

From, Probably Just Framed Postcards.

...& complete with a Jesus Corner for midnight prayers and meditations...

`Jesus Corner.` Just to clarify.

Now, this is what talking to an Unwanted James could look like.

UnWanted James was a non-stop talker, which worked out well for us being full-time listeners. He had just returned from an around the world trip including travels to Berlin, Bhutan, and Bondi. Currently though He was wanted by several unsavoury characters overseas, which is why He could not and would not be seen on film. Still, James was a world traveller, hadn’t had a place to call home in a while & had no thoughts of turning back. We assumed He’d be the perfect candidate for tall tale telling in honour of exploration week, but instead He struck us with this little doozy...

“We don’t do things & go places for a story. When we woke up in bed a few days ago with Natalia, a DJ in Berlin, sure it was beautiful, but we didn’t do it so we could have a story to tell our mates. It was the experience of it all.”

We start to wonder. Imagine if we weren’t able to share our stories, would we still need to do half the things on our To-Do lists? Would explorations rank high on our list of priorities if no one else would find out about them? Maybe, but also maybe not.

Better yet, what if we didn’t bother to share them with even our self? What if we didn’t waste the present time creating & replaying those mental home videos of our past experiences? As Zacharko, our Ukrainian Philosopher use to teach, “Your recollection of a past event or experience is really only your memory of the last time you tried to remember it.”  Each time we try and recall upon the past, We de-fragment it. Change it to a point incomplete of truth. Why then not leave the memory whole & let it go.

Appreciate the moment, but then immediately move on to your next adventure.

Promise yourself you won’t look back.

At any rate, James moved into our room shortly after we moved out. So for now it’s upwards & onwards, as We travel up north to Gilbert's Land...


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