Tuesday, 26 February 2013

"Pages for the People": Fridtjofian Faith

"27 out of 30 kilos of allowable luggage, all sporting equippment...paraglider, surfboard, snorkel, plus a couple of t-shirts & away we go." 

He, chuckled. He, always chuckled.

Fridtjof (not pronounced Fridge-Off!), was the coolest kid We ever knew. Co-founder of Jimdo.com, the only four times, He, ever stepped foot into uni, was when invited to give seminars on successful business strategies. As we sat, slurpping custard made by the ship's cook, We couldn't help but give Him our undivided attention.


"A few years ago I was writing in a notebook...little things, some personal, some to keep track of what was happening with the company...."

We, cutting him off out of habit    

"& now when you look back to your old writings, don't you feel a little silly ?"


"No, I don't think it is silly. They show how you've changed, how you've evolved."

How could We not be interested in this fella?

Here's a paraphrased passage from His little  'company's notebook.'  (below):


Everything is constantly changing. We can sense it.... What does that mean for us? It means that we don't plan projects in their entirety. Instead we break them up into small parts that are relevant now.

It's clear that everyone at Jimdo has to be constantly open to change, but that's easier said than done. When the things that are familiar to us are going well, it's incredibly difficult to let go of what we are used to and change everything. After all, it could just get worse!
Most of us are afraid of change. It's natural to first be afraid of losing something comfortable rather than to imagine what we have to gain from something new. Getting our fear under control and constantly questioning our work and routine is unbelievably difficult. And yet it is essential! The rest of the world is in motion and the fast-moving market won't wait for us to catch up.
The question, then, is: "How can we take our fear of change head on?"
To overcome our fear of change, we need confidence*: confidence in ourselves and in the people who we work with. And we need a few anchors....

Confidence Defn:   faith (in one's self)

Faith from Fridtjof.

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