Monday, 18 February 2013

Learning To Explore With a Blonde Beauty From Sweden

Initially, Bruna&Diletta learnt to explore underwater, while chasing sharks at midnight with a Swedish Blonde Beauty as our buddy (because you never want to chase sharks without a buddy).

Here’s the ‘get to the point’ version of our first lesson in exploration, as taught to us by our Big Bossman at PADI, before he threw us head first into the ocean reef with 30 pounds of SCUBA gear attached to our backs...

a Compassionate Consumption Exploration tip:

Choose a Small Area & Then Take Your Time.

How True.
Whether you’re exploring the reef, a relationship, a woman, new town or life in gen., start with a small section then take time to discover inside & out all the beauty it has to offer. Rome wasn’t built in a day & neither were its tours. It’s the tourists, not the explorers that need to see it all in an hour to be back on their cruise ship for Baked Alaskans by five. It’s the Sleazies that want a ‘quickie’, while the Serious want to slow down.

Slow down young adventurers & take your explorations seriously today.

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