Thursday, 7 February 2013

Short Boot Girls

Short Boot Girls were showing up everywhere that spring
& so were socks in open toe sandals.

(This was Mel’s Style, Spring 2012.)

Which is why it was no surprise when whilst giggling with a French Elle, we found this one page spread.

L’accessoire du moment La Sandale

Catching our eyes however, was this caption in the corner...

‘Must Have’ en anglais.  The French do not appear to have a ‘Must Have’ translation.  The feeling of must having, maybe does not exist amongst them. Are the French not as ‘Must-Havey’ as their English counterparts?

Perhaps, they simply prefer to name it as it is, ‘an accessory of the moment’ that is, ‘Just for Now.’

 Must Have  Defn:  Just for Now

Short Boot Girls, c’est a toi ce moment!

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