Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Gilbert's Land

Back when we were hunters & gatherers, those invisible lines of division hadn’t yet been invented. We were free to wonder the world in search of food & fun without the need of a holiday VISA. Since then state lines have formed and the ‘what’s yours is mine & what’s mines belongs to me’ mentality has made adventure and exploration a bit of a drag instead of being completely dope...but don’t fret just yet folks. In search of the dopeness of travel, Bruna&Diletta caught the Happy Coach to Gilbert's Land, where we were pleasantly surprised and sorely disappointed.

Gilbert's Land, is that small town just north of God’s country and south of Surfer’s Paradise. It’s where most backpackers migrate to purchase ‘cookies’ from the old lady in the alley behind the Marijuana Museum. Well, ha ha ha, ‘cause the cookies are made from cornmeal and the town’s peoples walking around virtually unnoticed are the true treasure of the land. Here is a snip bit of our interview with a local aboriginal artist, and his explanation of this two-street town’s ‘boundaries’, history and places of interest. (Turn it up folks, listen carefully & don’t worry, We’ve already fired our camera man.)

Well explorers, what did we learn here today?

My land is your land,
but we all need our space.
Whether it be for men & women’s places,
Or because we just can’t stand each other’s faces,
Boundaries, both personal & geographical require respect.

a Compassionate Consumption Exploration tip

Watch Your Step, please.

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