Friday, 25 January 2013

Brown Bag Brekkies: THIS RECIPE SUCKS



Weeks past, newcomers Brown Paper Bags & Co., charmed us over with their dedication to health, wellness, clean living ...

as well as their vegan version of a Brown Rice & Amaranth Berry Bircher. 

Really, we only needed 1/4 of the portion size they were serving. We asked if they'd serve us one scoop instead of 4, for a fraction of the price and they happily obliged. These are good people.

Bircher, usually a heavier dish consisting of muesli and dairy, Brown Bag Company's version with wild brown rice, amaranth, gogi berries, cinnamon and all other usual superfood suspects contained in one biodegradable cup, inspire Bruna & Diletta to create:


Truth be told, the honey is really not neccessary; the bananas and dried fruit sweeten the dish quite nicely.

Definitely add more than a pinch of cinnamon. Try mixing in 2-3 heaping tablespoons if desired.

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