Thursday, 31 January 2013

This Is How They Recycle

The struggling artists down the street had a garage sale last spring.

They sat on crates in the cold,

drinking bottles of brewskies and selling VHS tapes.

Each had their own pseudo-shop shared amongst the sidewalk. One launched their new ‘zine, The Adventures of SalaryMan, while others sold seventy’s silk blouses with no sentimental value for five AU. Comparing the quality of the past to the present, their pricing was a steal. Really, it was all they needed.

These were Hip People.

Him: Sunnies, Denim Jacket & Skinnies from Vinnies.  Her: Bangs & Blunt Bobs & Derby Hat (same).

He: Black Skinnies, wool coat, flannel shirts & a knitted jumper (Salvos)
(Layers for Warmth + Milk Crate Seating.)

Shoes with holes (Who Gives a Shoot?), & hand-crocheted blankets (Vintage)

Reusing the past and what had been left behind, was a skill Hip People had mastered. They were creative.

Creative  Defn: to have the ability to create, that is, to bring into existence, something from nothing.

Creativity is necessary to create something from nothing and even more is required to re-create something, again. Hip People re-created well.

a Compassionate Consumption Living Tip:
All you have is all you need,
then Reuse & Repeat.

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