Wednesday, 26 December 2012


The best part about having nothing, 
is finding something for free. 

Whether it be sushi samples at the supermarket

Or an old wooden side table 
While dumpster diving off a curb. 

Free is free.

Yet even free stuff 
starts to cost.
Begins to take up space 
in our flats and minds
We spend time debating,
‘Where can We put this 
and where will it go?’ 

Once while walking around Bondi Pavilion 
She couldn’t resist & picked a few too many
of these free & cheecky postcards.

She stashed heaps in her little red satchel.

...Then forgot she even had them.

Surprise, surprise.
Skip 2,
1 month later
(a few days before Christmas)
these cards turn up on her bedroom floor.  
 She's meeting Him tomorrow morning for tea after not seeing Him since She left.
He will love these. 

He did. 
He laughed.
She made Him smile. 

Teas were sipped, 

stories shared, memories rekindled.  
Ready to recycle their cups, She notices
a quote dangling off her tea bag:

Best part about having nothing
is finding something for free
& then giving it away.

.makes cents.

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