Friday, 2 November 2012

Just Walking Around Struggle Town

Just Walking Around Struggle Town
Instantly drawn to his ginger curls, we cornered this concept artist buying cigs and crisps in Struggle Town*.  An artist mostly focusing on furniture (we love carpentry), his latest artistic endeavour involved a dinner table consisting of a flat wood piece balancing on a big marble ball.

Normally, the dinner table is the place you share with your lover, friends or family and one usually arrives at such a place thinking mostly of satisfying their own hunger.  However when the dinner table consists of a marble ball instead of legs, every move you make has to take into consideration your partner. A certain balance needs to be found.  Sharing the meal means creating and maintaining the relationship. How you relate to the person directly affects the course of the meal. How can this work if you are thinking of satisfying your own needs? How can any relationship survive in that manner?

Imagine Partner A only thought about partner B's happiness and Partner B thought only of Partner A's. Who wouldn't be satisfied?

*Struggle Town, He later explained, is the state you are in after a night of heavy drinking. His particular state was brought on by an evening volunteering at the Fringe Art Festival.  Fringe, we later found out, meant on the outskirt of the mainstream. Fringe we later found out, means, shoot we should have been there.

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