Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Why We Own Mustard Yellow Denim:

We want to be Lauren.

She had long legs.

We want long legs.

 She filmed the summer & sunrises on her 60's Speedy 8

She was a writer.

She lived in a posh little neighbourhood with aspirations of leaving a mundane office job at the Film Board to open her own boutique. She spoke of these aspirations as if she knew one day for certain she would actually attain them. We want to have aspirations.  We want to be Lauren.

The first time We met Lauren (as in Sofia) We fooled around with photography in the middle of the park.  The second time, more than a year later, she picked us up at dawn in her Mini Cooper and We drove out east for a hot & sticky summer festival.  She wore mustard yellow denim & We thought she was cool. 

These are our Laurens

(Blouse Handmade by D for B)

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