Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Our Roots

roots (n.)  the essential part or nature of our being; our derivation, origin and centre; where we come from, where we’ve been; our experiences, our past; our past which has brought us here.

We are now here.

Now we have to ask, ' ‘If we are here now, do our roots still matter?’

Our roots are what brought us here, but do they still exist? If they are our past, where does the past exist in the present? …In our minds, we imagine. Yes here in our minds we utilize our imagination. Our roots are simply now images in the mind. They are the self-created mental images which we subconsciously let define us. This is our ego and we’re not judging.

We  have an ego. It is as it is, but it is not our identity.  

Our egos may have brought us here but now let's move on.

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