Thursday, 11 October 2012

How to Deal With Shades of Grey

He, a self proclaimed narcissist, creative director for an online magazine, stylist, world traveler, student of international relations and...he wore vintage. We caught this new up & comer on the streets of downtown, reading Shades of Grey by Jasper FFORd (‘Not fifty,’ he quickly clarified).

This is a warm summer day.

He had come to the area initially to visit the makeshift memorial of a friend who was killed in a fatal car accident a few years back. To his dismay the memorial had been demolished by some punks...

Yet he was still jiving.
We wanted to know why. 

Nothing affects now more than now

We discussed the psychology of fashion and how to embrace an overcast day. His suggestion: with a similarly shaded outfit.  “An overcast day deserves a grey and grave suit”, he describes as he cheerfully smiles and gestures to the sky.  We tell him how we love overcast days as well because it creates  a blank canvas behind the world, as if it were a framed painting 
(a blue sky can often over power the scenery.) He-not impressed-begins to describe his self-motivated work habits. 
No point, not using my time if I have it.   Yesterday I worked real hard, so now I am out enjoying a leisurely day.” “How do you define a leisurely day?” We ask. “I wake up, say good morning to myself, count ten fingers and ten toes and now I am HERE, strolling down the city streets, reading Shades of Grey.”
'Nothing affects now more than the-here &-now,' is about how and what you think about right here and right now. He chose positively.
After a brief sit-down, We confess We're slightly jealous. We could feel his creative projects would turn out better than our own. He laughed...finally.

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